Let Me Introduce Myself

Welcome to The Dusty Quill! I’m Bethy St. John, your typical writer who hasn’t actually written anything in I-don’t-want-to-admit-how-long, and I’m so excited to drag you along for the ride as I use my productivity know-how to make room in my life for more creativity. In order to properly introduce this blog, allow me to set this scene:

It’s Wednesday morning, and you’re agonizing over the hump of your slow-going work week, not to mention the errands you’ll run tonight, the bills you’ll pay on Friday, and the many other doldrums of day-to-day life. Long gone are the days of carefree childlike fun—oh, and how wasted they were!

I cring when I think about the amount of time I spent taking naps and watching TV in college when I could have been doing…anything else. Now, I cherish the couple hours an evening I get to unwind before starting the next work day all over again.

But still, what do I find myself doing each night? Watching Netflix, fruitlessly (in every sense of the word) raiding my fridge for something to eat, and yes, occasionally taking naps.

No more!

It’s hard to consider myself a creative woman when I do so little creating. I say I love to write (I even tattooed a quill on my back to prove it), and yet I struggle to keep a journal for more than three days in a row.

Now is when all of that changes. It’s time to re-introduce myself to creativity, to the written word, to my sometimes-snarky-always-lovable inner voice!

Join me as I reconnect with Writer Me, lost in an alternate universe while Excuses Me wandered the land of “same old same old” for too long, and embrace your own writing prowess too! Consider this your new creative playground—a space to inspire and be inspired with your fellow writer friends!

Formula to Your Outer Creative

I’ll provide my own (sometimes rambled) musings on the ever-complicated relationship between my two selves—practical and creative—and my sure-to-be rocky journey from self-proclaimed writer to actual, real-life writer who writes things (can you imagine?).

But this playground doesn’t work without your participation (OK, it works, but it’s a very lonely, sad playground). Comment! Share! Tell your story! I want to get to know Writer You with you (would that make us Writers Us? This grammar is getting sketchy).

Let’s get started! Leave a comment on what’s been blocking your creative flow so we can start to clear up that mental traffic jam (because if we’re being honest, all of this is just in our heads)!

No more excuses! Dust off your workspace, and let’s get to writing!


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